I am sorry to inform you that I have stopped repairing recorders from other manufacturers as of 1.1.2023. I will only repair recorders from my own workshop, as well as from Adriana Breukink and Tim Cranmore.
Although I really enjoy repairing and I will certainly miss you, it will simply be too much as I will also be responsible for Adriana Breukink's "Eagle" recorders in the future.

I recommend my friend and colleague Micha Silkenat for the repairs:
+49 (0)5051 5093269

To my customers from the former European British states: to avoid the problems with the customs office, you can send your recorders which I made to Tim Cranmore to be repaired. We have an agreement that he will repair my recorders in England and I will repair his recorders in Germany. This way, the recorders no longer have to leave the respective country.

The recorder is broken?
No problem !!!

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Recorders are made from wood. As wood is a living material it is quite possible that over the years the instrument undergoes undesirable changes.

Most of it can be repaired…

If the sound is not as good as it used to be:
- Responsiveness /Voicing can be adapted
- Correction of internal bore

Instrument blocked up/croaky:
- Responsiveness /Voicing can be adapted

Intonation of separate notes/whole instrument sounds impure:
- Responsiveness /voicing can be adapted
- Correction of internal bore
- Retuning of single tone holes

Cracks in the wood:
- can be glued
-rings made from wood or vegetable ivory can be put on

Mortise and tennon joint too loose:
- new twine
- new cork

Mortise and tennon joint too tight:
- new twine
- new cork
- tennon has to be reset

Tennon is broken:
- new tennon has to be attached

Thumb hole is worn out:
- a new thumb hole made from vegetable ivory (also made from wood on demand) is inserted

Keys out of order:
- new pads
- new small cork pieces
- new spring
- straightening of keys

And lots more…

Please be so kind and call me before sending your instrument!
Due to high demand on repairs I am offering appointments to reduce your waiting time, so the recorders are not out of your hands for too long.

Please attach to your recorder the following filled in repair order: