Plastic recorders

Music Garden
Design by Kulossa
after Stanesby jr.

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Soprano MRS-1B
Alto MRA-1B

442 Hz

These high quality plastic recorders, freely adapted after Stanesby, are characterized by their beauty of sound and enormous stability of intonation.

A sweet, not too loud sound, combined with fast repetition, a very clean intonation, easy to play high notes and really stable low notes, make these recorders the ideal introductory instrument.

You can play easily in tune together after a short time, also in bigger groups, no matter which blowing pressure the players are naturally using.

For experienced musicians this means, that you can work with much more dynamics than usual, a characteristic that is particularly appreciated in my handmade wooden models as well. All models mix well with other instruments thanks to the overtone design.

You can hear a sound example in the following Youtube-Video with Prof. Bart Spanhove presenting the soprano MRS-1B:

Here you can hear small sound examples of the alto MRA-1B:


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