I was born in 1968 in Wunstorf-Luthe near Hannover and grew up in the north Eifel area.

After my musical science studies in Bonn and a trip into the world of furniture restoration and carpentry I finally got a long awaited place at Moeck in Celle for training as a recorder maker. After the apprenticeship I was in charge for the mobile recorder repair shop. For years I travelled through Europe with my tool kit and repaired, organized exhibitions and held lectures.

In the meantime I was partly in charge of the historical department, partly in the development department and in the “ordinary” construction department.

During my time at Moeck I was able to practice and perfect the so called „Voicing“on innumerable recorders. The many different repairs gave me new inspirations and new ideas again and again.

Although I eventually changed to another workshop „Blezinger“, I always fondly recall my Moeck history.

Two years at the Blezinger workshop and two years at the Mollenhauer Firm in Fulda completed my journeyman’s years of service. It is always very interesting to discover different styles of work and ideals.

In May 2005 I was very happy to open my own workshop in Bochum! My idea of recorder is to have a dynamic and flexible instrument with an infinite number of possibilities and expressions for the player. Each recorder has its own character, but at the same time my ideal of sound and the specific attributes of the baroque example.

The rediscovery of the characterisitic specialities of historic examples, of Denner, Bressan, Steenbergen and more is one of my utmost concerns. Due to this fact I always build copy of the original first, before I adapt it to the modern pitch. You are welcome to order a copy of the original recorders in my current catalogue as well.

The individual adaptation of the instrument to the respective player and his or her breath-type gives me great pleasure.